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airs the first half of its Season 8 finale Wednesday night, and with Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd in the mix, you know we’ll be witnessing tears, standing ovations, and possibly even tickets for the not-referenced-as-frequently-as-it-used-to-be Hot Tamale Train. ) What better time to review the 12 best routines from the show’s previous eight weeks of performance episodes? But a lot of other dancers managed to draw their own styles in Top 20 week, too. he’s just acting the part to draw the best performance out of her!

I can’t believe we’re this close to the end of Season 8.You didn’t need Stacey to explain the backstory of the dance to understand the little telenovela playing out on the screen because Caitlynn and Mitchell’s faces and bodies told the entire tale — even after Mitchell accidentally punched Caitlynn in the face and caused her nose to bleed. Every single one of Melanie and Neil’s movements was absolute perfection, but the true jaw-dropper came when Melanie sprinted the length of the stage and took a death-defying leap into Neil’s arms. Bonus awesomeness in the form of Gaga’s comment to Melanie: “I would hire you tomorrow to dance on my tour.” 4.Marko and All-Star Allison (Top 8, Sonya Tayeh: Contemporary ) Of all the All-Stars in all the world to walk into this piece, thank heavens it was the sensational, deeply emotional Allison.Every touch between the duo was infused with a disarming mix of attraction and revulsion, wistfulness and anger.

I thought the costuming was a little strange — Clarice’s short white onesie, Jess’ short-sleeved dress shirt and V-neck vest — but guest judge Travis Wall was right that after weeks of coming to a moment, the couple finally hit their stride. Sasha and Alexander (Top 20 Redux, Hip-Hop: Nappy Tabs) Nappy Tabs’ finest Season 8 moment told the tale of a soldier returning from Afghanistan to his emotionally spent wife, and if this was a film, let’s just say Sasha would be campaigning for a Best Actress Oscar, while Alexander would have to focus on the Supporting Actor category.Burning question: How in the heck did these kids pull off that beastly move with Alexander executing a handspring-into-headstand onto Sasha’s back while she held steady on all fours? Sasha and Melanie (Top 8, Sonya Tayeh: Jazz ) Two beasts exploding in the night.

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