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The word lambada refers both to the rhythm - a fusion of carimbó and merengue - and to the dance, which incorporates elements of forró, samba, the Caribbean merengue and maxixe (the nineteenth-century Brazilian dance which was a tremendous success in Europe)one of three principal sources of Latin sacred music in England, from ca. It includes eight works by Robert Fayrfax, two by Nicholas Ludford and one by Walter Lambe, many of these composers contributing also to the Caius Choirbook(Latin, lamella, 'plate', and Greek phone, 'sound') a family of musical instruments whose name is derived from the way the sound is produced: the instrument has a series of thin plates, or "tongues", each of which is fixed at one end and has the other end free.

When the musician depresses the free end of a plate with a finger, and then allows the finger to slip off, the released plate vibrates.

The ladinha is not 'call and response' but rather sung by a soloist, usually crouched at the foot of the berimbau.

However at the end of the ladinha the singer will go into a cata entrada, where he praises capoeira mestres, places or famous capoeiristas (practitioners) and the chorus responds in acknowledgement by repeating what has just been praised. When establishing capoeira regional, Mestre Bimba sang quadras and correidosone of the two main cultural branches of Judaism is Sephardic, derived from the Hebrew word for Spain. For several hundred years when Moors, North African Muslims, ruled Spain and Portugal, a thriving Jewish community developed.

The Italians of the seicento would say, música é il lamento dell'amore o la preghiera a gli dei (Music is the lament of love or a prayer to the gods).

The affect of melancholy was much in evidence throughout the seventeenth century, in paintings, poetry and music.

Sephardic beliefs generally follow Orthodox Judaism. However, Sephardim were more integrated into their communities than Ashkenazim.

The lai was often composed as an instrumental piece.One song comes from the village of San Donato, near Monte Casino, and refers to La Befana "all beautifully powdered, with shoes of chocolate."(German f.) or Lippenpfeifen (German, literally 'lipped pipes') in English termed 'labial' or 'flute' pipes, in the organ, these comprise the majority of organ pipes, and are made of metal or wood.The metal pipes are cylindrical, conical or funnel-shaped, and can be open or closed (gedackt) at the top, giving a number of different possible combinations.John Dowland captured the esprit of an age with his best known work Flow, my tears(English, French f.

pl.) verses from the Bible written by Jeremiah, that are used in the Lessons of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday of Holy Week in the Roman Church which, because they involve the gradual extinguishing of lights, came to be known as Tenebræ (Latin for 'shadows')although most polyphonic lamentations of the sixteenth century are based on the Roman lamentation tone, we find a few examples (including some outside of Spain) that are based on the Spanish version.One of the greatest Sephardic philosophers was Maimonides, who sought to reconcile Aristotle's teachings with Judaism.

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