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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The answer is obvious — it arises from the nature and omstitution -of man, being a proof as well as a con- aequence of free govemm^t; a natu- ral excess of that liberty which per- mits ./ffn^rrv qw(t vel Uf Jari ^ttm ten Has.

The unusual duration of the last w V seems to have given it the character of interminable.

As discontent is naturally que- ndous, as it requires little talent to £nd &ult, still less to vituperate, and least of all to falsify, he must be de« dcient in judgment, indeed, whofonns his estimate of the country's real state £rom factious clamour, from party jour- nals, tumultuary meetings, reforming demagoguesx and opposition orators To obtain a true knowledge of the ac- tual situation and nature oif things, he must take a cool, patient, and oompre* heudve view of the whole ; to form a Digitized by Google 19M.2 The Irii Jm Km^ No. though marked, both by die and situation, as die associate, not the slave, of the sis- ter Island^ though now at length hi- dispntably connected with h^ for- tunes, go Vemed by the same crown, sobfect to the same laws, represented in the same Fsrliament, and scarce less &Toared by the fertilising hand of benignant nature, the just reporter of jour internal state has a ^^mrent and fir less gratifying representation tomake* In endearoming to give a cleur, though succinct, account of the real state of Ireland, it is not dealing fairly to make her sit for her picture in the hour of distress, to take our view of her features wh^e under the influence of a depression, in which all the nations of Europe have participated, and hom Ihe shock of which even the supericnr wealth and resources of Englkh a^ cultmrists are but ttowb^lin^fig to re« ' Their nnmenms pethiono t^ Parliament, complaining of i^cultn- tural distress, spoke a language as me- knch^y and despairing as the famous petitkm of their ancestors to &e senate of Italy, when the Roman protection was obliged to be wididrawn.

IL I judgment 9i i Ste Britldi G wi A wtaicii so many, wider the pre- tence of reform, ore ei Uier deluded « thcmse We Sy Orendea Tvurii^tv^ddude •then. In their despondency they predicted a general banlcruptcy of both landlord imd te- nant, a death-blow to agriadtuie, and little less than national ruin.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Will a wise man risk the sta- bility of a form of government, capa- ble of conferring sudi blessings, on the vain hope of renovating its strength, or enlarging its powers, by a change of system ?

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http : //books . com/| Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE. Will he give up the con- scious certainty of good ei\joyed, for the fallacious promise of theoretic per- fection ? It cannot sure- ly be matter of surprise, that what was msastrously Mt by a people possessing BO many resources, so abiuidant in wealth, and so superior in civilization^ should be productive of deep and bit- ter calamity in a country deriving its staple, almost its only support, from that verv braneh of industry whidi the sudden chanae of Eurc^iean poli- tios had so deeply and unexpectedly paralysed.

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