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Botvin, Gilbert J.; Baker, Eli; Dusenburg, Linda; Botvin, Elizabeth M.; and Diaz, Tracy. "Long-Term Followup Results of a Randomized Drug Abuse Prevention Trial in a White Middle-Class Population." Journal of the American Medical Association 2061112. An estimated three million cases of STIs other than HIV are acquired each year among persons between ten and nineteen years old.

Youth under the age of twenty-five account for two-thirds of the total number of cases of STIs diagnosed annually.

Protective factors in the family and school domains include strong intrafamilial bonds, positive family dynamics, and positive attachment to school.

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Project Alert, described by Phyllis Ellickson and colleagues in a 1993 article, and Life Skills Training Program, described by Gill Botvin and colleagues in 1995, are the two most-prevalent effective classroom-based-curricula.

Protective factors, or factors that promote resiliency, have also been identified in these various domains.

Among those most frequently cited are religiosity or spirituality, commitment to academic achievement, strong life skills, social competencies, and belief in self-efficacy.

Other preventive measures that target youth drivers include "zero tolerance" laws linking evidence of alcohol on the breath with suspension or revocation of driving privileges. Given the long latency period between infection and symptoms, most of these individuals were infected as adolescents.

The results of two decades of evaluative research have yielded considerable information suggesting that a number of approaches to adolescent ATOD use prevention do not work. More than 126,000 cases of AIDS among individuals ages twenty to twenty-nine had been diagnosed in the U. Estimates of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among adolescents range from 112,000 to 250,000 in the United States, although actual prevalence is not known because representative data are not available.Many college campuses have cultures that are at least covertly supportive of alcohol consumption, and many administrators treat the issue with benign neglect. Eggert, Leona L.; Thompson, Elaine A.; Herting, Jerald R.; Nicholas, Liela J.; and Dicker, Barbara G. "Preventing Adolescent Drug Abuse and High School Dropout through an Intensive School-Based Social Network Development Program." American Journal of Health Promotion 2861. Almost 10 percent of youth were younger than age thirteen at first sexual intercourse, and by twelfth grade, 65 percent of students have become sexually active.

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