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He would sign in at Beccles police station every afternoon, proving he hadn’t done a runner in the night.Assange and his associates kept hackers’ hours: up all night and asleep half the day, one of the little bits of chaos that would come to characterise the circus I was about to enter.I told Jamie that I’d seen Assange at the Frontline Club the year before, when the first Wiki Leaks stories emerged, and that he was really interesting but odd, maybe even a bit autistic. ‘He wants a kind of manifesto, a book that will reflect this great big generational shift.’ He’d been to see Assange in Norfolk and was going again the next day.He said he and the agent Caroline Michel had suggested me for the job and that Assange wanted to meet me.I asked him if he had a working title yet and he said, to laughter, ‘Yes.“Ban This Book: From Swedish Whores to Pentagon Bores.’ It was interesting to see how he parried with some notion of himself as a public figure, as a rock star really, when all the activists I’ve ever known tend to see themselves as marginal and possibly eccentric figures.Ellingham Hall is a draughty country residence with stags’ heads in the hall. Sarah Harrison, Assange’s personal assistant and girlfriend, was wearing a woolly jumper and kept scraping her ringlets off her face.Another girl, maybe Spanish or South American or Eastern European, came into the drawing room where the fire was blazing.

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It was a text from Jamie Byng, the publisher of Canongate. Assange didn’t want to write the book himself but didn’t want the book’s ghostwriter to be anybody who already knew a lot about him.I knew they’d been talking to other writers, and I was at first sceptical.It’s not unusual for published writers to get requests to write things anonymously.He said the thing that worried him was how quickly the book had to be written.

It would be hard to establish a structure that would work.

He’d been living there, at the house of Vaughan Smith, one of his sureties and founder of the Frontline Club, since his arrest on Swedish rape allegations.

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