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11-Aug-2017 07:04

Others came to hear leading experts from Israel’s cryptocurrency movement explain this hot new trend that is sweeping the high-tech world, not just in Israel but in Silicon Valley.

But many if not most of the people in attendance were former forex and binary options operatives.

In the meantime, ex-binary options operatives are looking for new work.

Israel’s job boards for foreign language speakers, which became nearly bereft of binary options ads over the summer, are once again filled with jobs for “money hungry” sales people to come work in call centers that offer “the highest bonuses.” “Experience in binary options an advantage!

Some of the salespeople are working abroad and I am told some of the companies moved to other parts of the city,” he said, pointing south. A beauty salon worker echoed the assessment that business was not particularly slow.

On October 23, the Knesset unanimously voted to ban the entire Israeli binary options industry, a vast, multibillion dollar scam that has defrauded millions of victims worldwide for a decade.

Chimes sound as office workers board glass elevators that offer dizzying views of the city.

”We have over 90 percent occupancy,” a front desk receptionist told The Times of Israel recently.

There’s always an urgency to it, a limited time offer and, of course, everything is fake — from the video itself to the reviews.” Taken as a whole, the affiliate marketing industry created a “fake news” environment for the binary options industry, where an unsuspecting investor who Googled the words “binary options” or searched for binary options information on Facebook would largely encounter websites created by affiliate marketers singing the industry’s praises.At the luxurious new 40-story Atrium Tower at 2 Jabotinsky Road, there is no slowdown in business activity.Young men in hybrid hipster-gangster attire huddle in groups outside smoking cigarettes.On the one hand, they’re an innovative way for startups to raise money, similar to Kickstarter but often involving vastly larger sums of money.

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Many boosters of cryptocurrencies and ICOs describe blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, as a cure-all that will fix everything that ails the digital age, from rising global inequality to to financial fraud over the internet.

However, in Israel, which is considered a global powerhouse of affiliate marketing, many affiliate marketers have focused their efforts on the forex, binary options and online gambling industries, with an emphasis on binary options.

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